Join the EDGECONNECT team

Join the EDGECONNECT team by becoming an accredited Channel Partner or Reseller. Have the option to promote EDGECONNECT services and build yourself and additional revenue stream or have the option to White label your own “product set”. Leveraging off EDGECONNECT’s extensive infrastructure, reach and available resources, you can now provide your clients a new offering from your existing suite and relationships. 

Have the confidence to approach your existing clients and target new opportunities with a full set of superior products and services at your disposal.  Through the experience and expertise of our partners, we can build invaluable relationships together, while still providing you with recurring monthly commissions. A collaborative and purposeful partnership with EDGECONNECT enables joint revenue growth and leverage in an increasingly competitive industry.


A Channel Partner will provide and Promote EDGECONNECT services to their clients who will then be billed directly by EDGECONNECT. THE Channel Partner will receive a percentage of commission on the total monthly billing amount on an ongoing basis. Commissions are paid on total billing, not just GP.


A Reseller will be provided EDGECONNECT services at discounted rates and you the Reseller will then on bill your clients for these services accordingly.  A reseller will be White labeling the services and providing first line support for their customers.

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