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Personal Information Disclaimer in respect of your accessing and use of our Services

As required by Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) we are Lawfully bound to provide you with a choice as to whether you wish to PROVIDE or REFUSE CONSENT for (company) to Collect, Process and where required,  record your Personal Information for the EXPLICIT PURPOSE of;

Please CAREFULLY READ the CONTENTS of this document, hereinafter referred to as POPIA LAWFULLNESS CONSENT or REFUSAL choice

Then select the MUTUALLY Binding choice either to Accept or Decline providing us Authority to Collect, Process and Record your Persona Information for the purposes of our provision and your utilisation of our Services

What is Purpose for Collection of your Personal Information on our Website?

  1. To provide you Access to our Products and/or Service offerings
  2. To have relative your Information as required by Law to comply with Legal Contractual obligations
  3. To enable, facilitate administration procedures relative to our offerings

What Personal Information are we collecting?

We ONLY collect Personal Information on our Website that is specifically required to enter into a Legal Contract which is considered Lawful in the context of POPIA, namely;

  1. a) Full names and surname
  2. b) South African Identity Number
  3. c) Email address
  4. d) Telephone and/or Cell Phone Number

In special circumstances where we are required to deliver a product as part of our On-Line Services, we may request a Physical Address.

With whom will we disclose your Personal Information?

Where required by Law we may disclose your Personal Information to Government Regulatory Institutions with your duly authorised Consent, and in Specific circumstances where consent is not required based upon a Legal Precedent such as;

South African Revenue Services or any other Government Authority.


We have established and deploy Information Security protocols in accordance with International Security Standards, however, we are unable to guarantee compete protection against a Cyber breach.

In the event of a Security Breach, we will inform you (either by SMS or Email) as to the extent of Risk in respect to your Personal Information

You are provided the choice of accepting ALL of the conditions contained on THIS PAGE or declining our offerings by clicking EITHER the CONSENT or DECLINE Tab hereunder.